Get Involved

small-smll logo1We are expecting future years to be no different than the last few. There will be a need at each of our schools for food, clothing, and medical supplies. We still hope to be able to “level the playing field” for students who need a little help in the extra-curricular activities. We want the teachers to know that we are open to requests for that “special” student who the teacher feels would excel if just given the chance, but the chance requires some extra participation that the student cannot afford.

All of the above takes funding and we are aware that each year it requires more than the last. We add to our mailing lists, we revise our methods of solicitations, and we never hesitate to ask our community for special favors. The bottom line is that it takes money and that is what we need the most. As we have stated before, the board of the I Think I Can Foundation takes no salary, we have no office, and we have very little overhead. The money donated goes directly to benefit the children in the Kirksville school district.


 We also hope that our efforts in the Kirksville community will generate interest to others in other communities. We all are aware that school teachers are underpaid – school districts very seldom have the budgets they need to provide for the children at the level they would like. We have become the facilitator between the schools and the community – and it can be done in every community. 

We would be happy to visit with anyone interested in starting their own foundation – do not hesitate to contact us. We will welcome any suggestions from our own community on how we can do better – please let us hear from you.