We are presently providing food to approximately 40 children on a daily basis. Without this small gesture these 40 children would have nothing to eat for an evening meal, often going without food from lunch one day to breakfast the next.

We asked a teacher recently how the daily food was distributed in her classroom. She replied that each school day the person who is responsible for getting the food to the children opens the classroom door and very quietly places the bags of food on the floor near the door. The eyes of the children in her classroom who are hoping for food that day seem to show their peace of mind once they see the bags.

Our biggest food expense comes during the holidays and when school is not in session. This may involve as many as 150 children, often several from the  same family. We try to provide access to enough food that they can have several meals during these breaks, including something for breakfasts and lunches.

We provide school nurses with hygiene supplies, OTC medications, toothbrushes, and diabetic food products. Shoes, socks, underwear, coats and boots ar ein constant demand. Occasionally these supplies are donated by organizations, but when we need to purchase products, businesses through the community will often provide discounts for the Foundation. We are very appreciative to all.


“It is easy to dispense medicine at school to reduce a child’s discomfort and fever. However, if a parent is awaiting a paycheck to buy Tylenol to treat her child’s illness, that is a big dal for both the parent and child. I Think I Can resources are there to help family like this.” ~School Nurse