Over one-half of the children in our Kirksville, Missouri school district are eligible for the government’s Free or Assisted Lunch Program. What is less known is that a large portion of these same children rely solely on the breakfast and lunch that they receive at school – they have no access to an evening meal.

 A few citizens became aware of this unacceptable situation and decided something had to be done – thus began the I THINK I CAN FOUNDATION.

The foundation soon learned that the needs of the children are not always food – needs include clothing, hygiene items, medical supplies and office visits, sometimes even extra-curricular activities. The Foundation feels that its success is due to the fact that the members do not choose the children who are helped. Each and every one of the children is the pick of his or her teacher, administrator, nurse, or counselor. The Foundation does not assume to know these children or their family situations – they are assured that the schools do.


We’re celebrating the beginning of our 10th year with I Think I Can Foundation, and we feel as if we’re just getting started. Food distribution is going well, which includes daily use of pantries at each school and holiday shopping for students and their families. The requests for clothing of all sizes has continued, OTC medications dispensed, hygiene items distributed, and help is occasionally  provided for medical needs.

And now, we’ve decided we’d like to see if we can help in the academic arena. Due to requests that we received the past couple of years, we realize that there are students who are denied access to academia beyond the usual classroom due to lack of financial means. This doesn’t fit with our mission of wanting to “level the playing field.” We all know a complete education encompasses aspects outside of the classroom. Opportunities for growth come in all forms and some of them cost money – not all students have the means for a positive exposure that might lead to a career they have always wanted. 

 We have established a separate fund that we have labeled for “Academic Endeavors.” This will include requests for in- school or after-school academics such as music or art classes, seminars, camps, or university programs. It will include the cost of fees, supplies, or even tuition. Guidelines have been established and the request will come from school personnel. We are also establishing up to a $1,000 scholarship for a high school graduate to be used toward further education at a trade or tech school, a two or four year college or even the cost for a mentoring program. Guidelines have been established as well and an application that must be completed by the student. The nominee will be named by the school.

 Those who donate to ITIC will have the opportunity to request where their donation is placed – in either the general fund for food, clothing, etc., or in the newly established “academic fund.” It is our goal to help children in all aspects of their education.

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of Kirksville kids qualify for free or reduced meals?

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